SASHIKOMI Label Maker Overview



SASHIKOMI Label Maker is dedicated to create labels of the same design with different values;
such as numbered tickets, reservation slips, Entry cards, Equipment tags and etc.

You may put text, barcode and graphic image as insertion elements as well as constant elements.


    Label Maker contains barcode generators; QR code, ITF, Code39, Code128 and EAN/JAN.
    So, you do NOT need to create barcode images separately one by one with other barcode generator apps
    and put it to the label document.
    You just add a barcode element to the label and add barcode values as insertion data.

Graphic Image

    You may put graphic image on tha label with insertion data.
    For example, Once you create a label design, you may use it to print IDs of the same design
    for each member with the photo image of his/her face.