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Shop Flyer, Label editor

Flyer Maker version 1.60
for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

What's Chirashi

CHIRASHI app makes easy for you to make art works such as flyers, posters, stamp card, labels, name cards, post cards, etc.
The operation is simply just placing shapes of Text box, Table, Photo, Drawings, Barcode on the canvas.

Text shape supports vertical layout which is often used in Japanese text.
Photo shape displays graphic image files freely resizing, positioning, rotating at any angle. It also provide shape clipping and color masking functionalities.
There are several drawing shapes like picture frames, animals, vehicles, foods, furnitures, music symbols etc. in addition to basic shapes such as rectangle, circle, star and arrows.
Also, You can use EAN/UPC Barcode and QR Code (Two dimension Barcode) on your document.

What is new in new version 1.60

  • All the operation for adding an object to canvas from the tool box panel has been changed to use drag and drop.
  • You may erase the image data outside of trim bounds, so that data volume can be reduced.
  • Text entry to shape object becomes available.
  • Positioning of block arrow shape object becomes easier.
  • Speech bubble shape object becomes adjustable.
  • Cross shape object is added.
  • Table object has been improved in usability. Type to start entry in a blank cell. Space key or double click to start change current content of a cell.
  • Title object got additional types of transform. Four types of curve and two types of circle.

Preivious versions.

version 1.50

  • Title Label Shape---Deformed effect、Outlined Character、Title text with gradient effect.
  • Emoji can be selected from Emoji panel.
  • You can keep your own graphics images such as your shop logo, your shop images, your product images on my items panel.

version 1.40

  • Improved Photo Image quality
  • QRCode supports vCard data format
  • PDF image can be pasted on Canvas

version 1.31

  • New Features
    • Export output as PDF or EPS.
    • length unit is selectable from mm or inch
    • Grid interval in mm or inch
    • Zoom with magic trackpad gesture
    • Copy EAN, QR Image to other app via clipboard
    • Drag text from other app to add text shape
    • Line shape with arrow head
  • Improvements
    • positioning of shape
    • fixed controller size on zoom
    • grid lines sharpness

version 1.30

  • Repeating Frame's new feature
  • - Variant contents from repeated output
  • Drag and drop images to the canvas to add Photo shapes.
  • Gradient colors for Art shapes
  • Improved Trimmed image quality

version 1.2

  • The design of the main window document has changed a lot.
  • It is more convenient to use, even on the small screen.
  • It becomes easier to configure Frame repeating output which is convenient
  • to produce outputs, for example, name cards, point cards, coupons, and so on.
  • A start up window is added in which you can select templates or recent documents rapidly.
  • Table Shape has improved its operability.

version 1.1

  • Trimming feature makes it more convenient to place photos or graphic images.
  • Art Shapes size adjustability improved.
  • Control points are introduced to make it easier and comfortable for you to adjust rounded corner size of rectangles, Picture frame margin,
  • Sharpness of Star of Art Shape, Clipping patterns of Photo shape.
  • Body width and head size of arrow shape is adjustable.
  • Frame auto size option to fit to canvas bounds.

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